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Financial Advisor Career Development Program

Bring your ability. It's intensive, but worth it.

Financial Advisor Career Development Program

We've worked with many motivated graduates like you with high career aspirations. That's why we've tailored a training program to help you become a successful Financial Advisor.

As a talented recent graduate or soon-to-be graduate, we know you're mapping out your next steps and setting some ambitious career goals. Our Financial Advisor Career Development Program can help you achieve those goals.

We named the program Financial Advisor Career Development because that's exactly what it's intended to do - develop your career.

Details include:

  • Intentionally designed for those with two years or less of professional experience
  • Intensive, one-on-one training and mentoring program with real world, on-the-job experience that helps prepare you for a career as a Financial Advisor
  • Classroom training and one-on-one coaching and mentoring delivered by a team of professional trainers and experienced Financial Advisors
  • Lasts a maximum of 12 months with a mix of training and hands-on application. Relocation to Mississauga Ont., is required for several months during the program
  • Ongoing support, training and mentoring throughout your career
  • Trainees in the FACD program are compensated with a competitive base salary.

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