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Toronto, Ont.

Year Started


Theresa Crifo

Financial Advisor

What did you do before Edward Jones?
I managed a call centre for a law firm for five years, and prior to that I worked in client service.

How does Edward Jones compare to the companies where you previously worked?
Edward Jones has a more clear vision for company growth. It also is really good at establishing and communicating goals--both as a company as well as coaching all of the employees to do the same.
What is it like to work in a two-person office?
I enjoy the quiet environment of the branch office. I think open communication is the key for this branch dynamic to work well.

Describe a memorable experience with a client that illustrates what it's like to work for Edward Jones.
After returning from maternity leave, I was welcomed back by so many of our clients. They told me how much I was missed and they were appreciative of all of the things that I do for them. It is a good feeling to know I make a difference is so many lives.  

What kind of support do you get from the home office?
The home office is a great resource - we couldn't do our jobs without them. They help with everything from processing, creation of research and marketing materials and providing support with financial planning tools and branch technology, to ensuring we are compliant and current.

What's the most important part of your day as a Financial Advisor?
Ultimately the most important thing we do is serve client needs. In terms of specific tasks, this answer would be different every day.

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