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Bring your ability, and we'll train you to be a successful financial advisor

Once you pass your exams, it's time to begin learning and understanding investments, client needs and business development skills. Our intensive training program will help you achieve your new title of Edward Jones Financial Advisor.

We've seen time and again that the class progression below helps prepare new Financial Advisors for success.

Know Your Client (One week, Mississauga Training Center)

During this class you'll:
  • Participate in a highly interactive program utilizing small group training led by Academic Training Leaders (ATLs)
  • Develop a better understanding of the securities business, the firm, clients and their needs, and key investments
  • Learn about the Edward Jones systems
  • Be taught key prospecting skills that you will refine later in the training program
  • Complete an individualized plan for the next step of your training, Field Foundations

Successful completion of this class prepares you for Field Foundations. Travel and lodging expenses during class are paid by the firm.

Field Foundations (Five weeks)

With this time period, you'll be:
  • Working in the market you have selected to develop your business
  • Developing a more thorough understanding of that market and the people in it
  • Formulating your market research plan that will guide you through your critical first 120 days following licensing
  • Using this time to begin meeting local key referral sources who may introduce you to prospective clients once you begin building your business. (A key activity required for the completion of Edward Jones' training program is to make 25 new contacts per day.)
Part of this training lets you see firsthand how a Financial Advisor conducts business. You can expect to:
  • Work with a field trainer
  • Spend time in a branch office and observe the Financial Advisor and Branch Office Administrator (BOA) as they run their business and create and service clients
  • Make face-to-face contacts each day
  • Practice prospecting calls and presentations
  • Sit in on client appointments. By observing actual meetings, you learn how Financial Advisors interact with clients and prospects, how they determine appropriate solutions to meet client needs and how they offer these solutions
  • Focus on time management, prioritization skills and office administration

Prospecting Weeks (Two weeks)

With this time period, you'll be:
  • Working in the market you have selected to develop your business
  • Face-to-face prospecting for first contacts and repeat contacts
  • Practicing prospecting calls and presentations
  • Completing a face-to-face oral exam with your regional leader. After the exam, he or she will determine whether you need additional training before moving on in the training process.

Evaluation/Graduation (One week, Mississauga Training Center)

This class culminates your initial training, and you'll be legally qualified to provide financial advice to clients on the first day of class.During this final week, you'll:
  • Refine first and repeat face-to-face and phone contact skills
  • Practice presentations
  • Officially begin building your business by contacting prospective clients, calling them to action and booking appointments
  • Develop a better understanding of the attitudes that lead to success as an Edward Jones Financial Advisor
  • Learn how to individually apply the skills of creating clients in your own market
  • Focus on compliance issues to help ensure good, ethical business practices from the start

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