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Investment Philosophy

We're guided by what's best for our clients

No fads. Just historically proven strategies of diversifying quality investments with the intent of holding them over the long term.

For us, it's straightforward: The best way to provide personal, individualized investment advice and services to our clients is to meet with them one-on-one, face to face, to build lasting relationships. We do business this way because years of experience have shown us it's the best way to help our clients achieve their goals.

We're committed to a long-term investment philosophy emphasizing quality and diversification. We believe the smartest way to build wealth is to invest in a variety of quality companies with solid track records and hold them for the long term.

Our clients expect:
  • A consultative, individualized approach to addressing their financial needs, including education savings, retirement planning and insurance needs
  • Individualized investment recommendations focused on a diversified mix of stocks, fixed-income investments, mutual funds and annuities
  • Personalized attention and prompt answers to financial questions and concerns
  • Face-to-face meetings, if that is preferred
  • A conveniently located branch office
  • Regular meetings, at least annually, for portfolio review and to discuss any changes in life goals
  • Clear, complete explanations of investments and recommendations

Conviction to say "no"

Our investment philosophy can be characterized by what we won't do. We discourage clients from owning stock priced under $4 per share. We don't sell options or commodities. And our Research department typically provides research opinions only for companies that have long, stable operating histories. We believe financial security is about well-informed choices and long-term planning, and frankly, some investments and strategies don't fit our philosophy.

We don't recommend:

Penny stocks, options and commodities
Instead of gambling with these high-risk vehicles, our goal is to invest in quality investments and hold them for the long term.

Young, unproven companies

Stable companies with proven track records are the ones we feel most confident recommending.

Timing the market

Trying to time the market to make a fast buck is what we call gambling, not investing.

Online trading
We want our clients to invest, not trade. Often, online trading encourages frequent trading and rash decision making. It's been proven to us that a long term investment strategy is one of the soundest ways to help achieve financial goals.

Our investment philosophy - diversifying quality investments with the intent of holding them over the long term - guides our recommendations.  We believe this serves our clients well.

Our focus

Helping individual investors achieve their long-term financial goals is our sole focus. The extensive support and resources we provide ensure you can serve each client's unique needs. To do this in an exceptional way, our 5-Step Process helps you:
  • Identify and define client needs
  • Determine if goals are attainable
  • Recommend appropriate solutions
  • Review the client's progress toward his or her goals

You may hear us talking about solutions-based advice

To us, this means helping clients achieve their financial goals by understanding their needs and then implementing tailored solutions. We've identified five primary client needs for which we can provide solutions-based advice.
  • Five Primary Client Needs
  • Preparing for Retirement
  • Living in Retirement
  • Paying for Education
  • Preparing for the Unexpected
  • Planning Your Estate

Our comprehensive product and services offerings support our solutions-based approach. Click here to read more about our investments and services.

Edward Jones isn't a publicly traded company

This means we're not beholden to shareholders or committed to quarterly projections. It also means we can stay focused on what is and will always be the most important thing - recommending quality investments that are in our clients' best interests.

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You'll help others reach retirement

Don't forget about your own. Understand our compensation structure and be sure to plan for your own retirement.

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Bonuses are always good

It's especially true when you're beginning. You'll have the opportunity for several bonuses during the first few years as you build your practice.

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Our work benefits our clients and communities

Our financial advisors actively serve clients and also volunteer for others in their communities. They find both rewarding and important.

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