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Building Your Business

Helping people who need our services is meaningful work

It's pretty straightforward. There are many people who aren't working with a Financial Advisor, and there are many under served by a current one.

Make contacts to build your business

You'll enjoy getting to know the community you serve, making face-to-face contacts with neighbourhood residents and local business owners.

Follow our recipe for success

  • Initially, make 25 quality contacts per day (125 per week).
  • Ask open-ended questions to learn financial needs and goals.
  • Present an appropriate solution and "ask for the order."
  • Assess each contact, log and indicate next action.
  • Contact prospective clients at least every 2 weeks.

Turn contacts into clients

Seven separate contacts, on average, turns a prospect into a client. Would you find this frustrating or challenging? If you answered "challenging," keep reading. As you spend time getting to know individual prospective clients and their investment needs and objectives, you'll develop a comprehensive understanding of their goals. Based on this, you will be able to provide advice and recommend appropriate investments or services.

Provide ongoing personal service to clients

As you continue to serve clients well, your relationship with them will deepen as you help them prepare for additional financial goals. Referrals based on excellent client service will likely follow.

Be challenged and rewarded

Make no mistake, this career requires great dedication and maximum effort. Becoming an Edward Jones financial advisor demands a solid commitment of time, energy and personal drive. However, for the right person using the tools and skills that Edward Jones provides, it can be a highly rewarding career, both personally and professionally.

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Training will match your experience

You'll have access to tailored training, based on your experience, plus advanced training to keep you current on products, practice management and industry changes.

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Our investment philosophy

Our recommendations to clients are based on diversifying quality investments with the intent of holding them over the long term. This never changes.

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Our work benefits our clients and communities

Our financial advisors actively serve clients and also volunteer for others in their communities. They find it both rewarding and important.

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