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Our support is impressive. We designed it so you can be.

We think our business model is ideal for client service and our Financial Advisors are exceptional providing it. You'll have the support to take your business as far as you can.

Financial Advisor Support


At Edward Jones, you'll have a support network that extends from your branch office to your region to the home office. You'll work independently, but will have a team backing you.

Here are some of the many ways we support you in your practice:

A professional administrator who works only for you

Our headquarters recruiting team will help you hire your own full-time Branch Office Assistant (BOA) and Edward Jones will pay his or her salary and benefits and provide training. Your BOA will handle service and administration issues, freeing you up to concentrate on the crucial tasks of advising clients and growing your business.

You and your BOA will work as a team. Over the years, our clients have often expressed how enjoyable and helpful they find our BOAs to be. Known for their welcoming manner and passion for helping people, BOAs assist clients with the daily needs by:

  • Keeping up to date with the firm's administrative and service goals
  • Scheduling appointments and answering questions about clients' account statements
  • Serving clients with a level of professionalism and personal care that every client deserves
  • Handling many of the administrative paperwork tasks, which helps free your time and enables you to focus on building relationships with clients

Regional support creates networks within Edward Jones

When you join Edward Jones, you'll be assigned to a region based on geographic boundaries. The Financial Advisors in that region help oversee the acclimation of new Financial Advisors and meet periodically to share ideas and encouragement and learn from other's successes. Many regional events at Edward Jones include spouses and family. Although not required, many Financial Advisors and their families often meet for both work-related events and non-work-related gatherings such as summer picnics and holiday celebrations.

The singular focus of our headquarters - you

At Edward Jones, there is only one profit centre - you, the individual Financial Advisor. This means everyone, including the nearly 4,000 associates at our Headquarters, are not managing their own revenue streams - they're there to support you, the Financial Advisor. This focus provides the support and tools you'll need to help clients succeed. Specific dedicated areas include:


Ours is a highly-regulated and often-changing industry. That's why we provide you access to a team of dedicated Compliance and Registration associates who handle the majority of your compliance and legal responsibilities, freeing you up to spend more time advising clients and building your business. Our Field Supervision department supervises our branch offices to ensure compliance with industry regulations and that we serve our clients' best interests.

Research associates provide you with stock recommendations and market information and identify high-quality investment opportunities. Researching stocks and market trends is complex and not an exact science. We take this work seriously because we know our recommendations can have a direct impact on helping you to help your clients reach their goals. One of our Research department's core values is "analyst accessibility." Our analysts are available to answer your questions regarding stocks, industries and overall market conditions. We also have several online tools and services to help you select the appropriate stocks for your clients.

Marketing associates work closely with our Products and Sales division to improve your marketing strategies and provide you with tools, seminars, literature and programs you can use to market your business locally. They also execute qualitative and quantitative survey research for clients and prospects and advise you on coordinating events and seminars targeted at helping you grow your business.


Operations associates will partner with you to deliver timely and accurate client information and account processing. They will also answer your calls and communications about a specific product/process issues and reconcile all account matters on your behalf.

Branch Services

Branch Services provides fast information, friendly support and reliable solutions. Hundreds of headquarters associates are available to answer your questions, provide you with individual training and help you resolve any client related issues - all at a moment's notice.

Cutting-edge technology 

For a firm steeped in history, Edward Jones is also rich with technological and industry advances. We believe seamless systems keep your focus on clients, not the help desk. Admittedly, we've made investments in technology for a simple reason: Nothing should get in the way of your client relationship.

In addition to the benefits of the strategic partnerships we formed with industry thought-leaders such as Michael Porter and the late Peter Drucker and advancements in investments, solutions and services, we provide:

  • An interconnected global branch network
  • Desktop eLearning solutions
  • Sophisticated and proprietary tools to help you serve your clients better
  • Technology to increase your productivity and help you efficiently manage your business

Our goal is let our technology help you run your business smoothly.

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