Been There, Came Back: Raymond's Return to Edward Jones

Raymond Lei returned to Edward Jones in 2013 after leaving to continue his financial advisor career at another firm. Now, he has the opportunity to structure his business plan around client satisfaction and service excellence, thanks to the resources and tools the firm provides. Learn how the use of these tools and the support of the home office allow Raymond to focus on the most important part of his practice—his clients.

What is the one thing that stands out most to financial advisors when they make the transition to Edward Jones?

I believe when other brokers come to work for Edward Jones, they’ll be surprised how well the system is designed. It integrates everything you need in the business and the different parts of the system talk to each other very well.

What is another resource that has contributed to your success at Edward Jones?

Our support system. We have thousands of associates working in the home office whose only job is to make my day easier.

How does this support system contribute to your life outside the firm?

Because of the support I receive, I can free up a lot of time and really focus on serving clients and growing my business. So at the end of the day, I feel less tired and more successful.

Looking to enhance your practice and your life? Discover how you can do both with Edward Jones.

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